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Powerful area lamp for small areas

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Curing within seconds – with LED spotlight DELOLUX80

LED curing spot DELOLUX 80 is a perfect fit for applications with industrial adhesives. This unique LED spotlight system enables fast curing of regular light- and UV-curing adhesives! What is unique about this LED spot lamp system is that the light intensity is both consistent and at full power – immediately after turning it on.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Homogeneous light power and temperature distribution of the entire irradiated area
  • LEDs cooled by closed Coldguide® cooling circuit
  • Full and stable light power directly after switched on
  • Adhesive curing in just seconds
  • Lifetime of LED spotlights up to 20 times longer
  • Low operating cost (low power consumption, low cost for maintenance and spare parts)
  • Easy integration thanks to compact design and lamp heads with flexible conduits
  • Controllable light intensity: continuously and flexibly (without mechanical shutters)
  • Short cycle times for high occupational and process safety
  • Option of continuous irradiation

LED modules with Coldguide® for constant light intensity and long lifetime

In order to have this consistency of light intensity and for longer lasting LEDs, monitoring the temperature at every single LED spotlight is crucial: Therefore, a purpose-built DELO development – closed liquid cooling system Coldguide® – monitors all DELOLUX 80’s diodes. Also, as the LEDs are not exposed to air-cooling, they don’t accumulate dust and dirt. Hence, the bonding process is not negatively affected! At the same time, closed cooling circuit Coldguide® is very efficient as it is maintenance-free!

Another advantage of DELO’s state-of-the-art liquid cooling system: The very compact LED spot lamp head meets the irradiation area in size. That is why this LED spotlight is easily integrated into even the most confined production sites!

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