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DELO-DIV Volumetric Dispenser

High-precision adhesive dispensing for series production of electronic components

The volumetric one-component dispensing system applies the smallest adhesive quantities with maximum precision. Thanks to the proven endless-piston principle, the needle-based dispensers achieve a dispensing precision of up to 99% for both low- and high-viscous media.
Clean, drip-free, and reproducible dispensing is possible regardless of viscosity fluctuations.

The volume dispensers enable reliable, high-quality processes.

In combination with the new process technology “activation on the flow”, DELO-DIV is particularly suitable for complex geometries and opaque materials. With this technology, light-curing adhesives are already preactivated during dispensing. With additional light fixation, the components can be processed directly.

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The DELO-DIV series consists of two models:

DELO-DIV VD450 is more compact and lighter. Its slightly smaller dimensions make it suitable for production systems with limited space and, with a minimum dispensing volume of 4 µl, it is ideal for highly miniaturized applications. With 15 µl, DELO-DIV VD600 can also be used for small quantities, but with a volume flow of 1.4 to 16.0 ml/min, it shows its strength best when larger dispensing volumes are required.

High-end automotive components need high-end dispensing systems. Optimize your production process with the DELO-DIV volume dispensers.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Maximum reproducible accuracy of the dispensing process of up to 99%
  • Precise dispensing without drop formation from 4 µl
  • Independent of pressure, time, temperature
  • Consulting and customized solutions from a single source: high-tech adhesives, dispensing systems, and UV lamps

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