The DELO-DOT D4 dispensing valve is a piezo-based system for contactless dispensing of liquid media. Its dispensing frequency for permanent dosing is up to 1,500 drops per second makes dispensing processes significantly faster.

DELO-DOT D4 allows liquids, lubricants, and adhesives (viscosity > 5,000 mPa·s) to be jetted onto the substrate in reproducible volumes with maximum precision. Thanks to the integrated nozzle heater, the viscosity of the media to be dispensed can be optimally adjusted to the process. In miniaturization, very tiny volumes of up to 2 nl can be accurately dispensed.

The dispensing valve features a modular design, incorporating the entire fluid system – consisting of media channel, plunger, nozzle, and nozzle seat – as one single unit. The system can be disassembled and cleaned in a few simple steps, which allows downtimes to be kept to a minimum.

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With its compact dimensions of 86 mm x 17 mm x 52 mm, the dispensing unit is ideal for space-saving integration into a variety of systems.

  • Modular design
    makes disassembly and cleaning easy
  • Optimal integration
    thanks to its compact and space-saving design
  • Piezo-based system
    reduces operating costs, since no compressed air is needed

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