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One-component and easy-to-use metal adhesives. Cures anaerobically when catalytically influenced by metal ions

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Metal bonding adhesive DELO-ML is heat resistant and very strong – the perfect fit for electric motor assembly

An industrial metal adhesive shows high heat resistance. These one-component products cure when in an anaerobic environment if simultaneously exposed to metal ions. DELO-ML works as a screw lock adhesive and to seal threads, thread locks and surfaces. In addition, our metal bonding adhesive products are great for bonding coaxial metal components. Our portfolio includes solutions that can be cured with visible or UV light. Therefore, bonds can be cured quickly even in hard-to-reach areas – which in turn makes it possible to fix components within seconds and bond nonmetal parts!

  • One-component and easy-to-use metal adhesives
  • Cures anaerobically when catalytically influenced by metal ions
  • Products with added curing mechanism available: visible or UV light
  • Different strength grades available
  • Flexible, impact-resistant and tension-equalizing metal bonding adhesive
  • Excellent resistance to heat and media

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